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A Corner Man’s Tools - 5 Must Haves

A Corner Man’s job is to make sure the fighter can continue the fight. Period. It takes skill, knowhow, and the right tools to get the job done. You only have 60 seconds in between rounds, so you are only as good as your gear.

I’ll never profess to be the second coming of Stitch Duran, but over the years I’ve acquired some good knowledge. Through trial and error, I’ve put together a good kit that I take to every fight I corner. Nothing is really expensive, and most of it can be bought at your local medical supply store.

1.  A Tool Box:  For years I carried around this little red “doctor’s” bag looking thing that I
 bought from Everlast or Ringside. It served it’s purpose at first, but everything became crammed in there, messy and disorganized very quickly. This makes for slow work in the corner. 

The top tray of the tool box contains all of the items I might need to get to quickly, like:  Tape, Gauze, Coagulant, Q Tips, and stuff like that. Under the tray is where I keep all of the stuff I need for wrapping hands, tape, gauze, etc. I also keep my ice bags in here for storage. Important safety tip:  Please don’t put wet ice bags on top of all that gauze and tape…you’ll be sorry.

This particular tool box also has a bottom drawer. It’s great for keeping extra tape and gauze, boxes of gloves, and even has room for a pair of focus mitts. Very handy.

By the way, I only paid about $29 for this tool box. You don’t need anything fancier than that.

2.  WAR Tape:  I don’t know how many different kinds of tape I’ve used, but let’s just say “You get what you pay for.” If you want to go the cheap route and go get something off the shelf from Walmart, you can. But you will not be happy with the performance. Nothing is worse than getting your fighter all taped up, and watching the tape start to peel off as we wait in the back to fight. Once your tape job is signed off by the athletic commission, you can’t touch it anymore. So the solution is to pay a little more and get a decent product. VB War Tape is the answer. It stays stuck where you put it, and tears easily due to perforated edges. Check them out at:

3.  Powder Free Nitrile Gloves:  I just cringe when we go to fights, and I see corner men not using gloves. Did they not learn anything about germs in school? I don’t get it. Be a professional, get gloves. Get the Powder Free Nitrile kind. They might be more expensive, but they are better. Some people have allergies or sensitivity to Latex. The Nitrile solves that problem. You’ll also look like a doofus with talcum powder all over everything…so Powder FREE!

4.  1 Gallon Ziplock Bags:  Many uses for these babies, but the most important is for your ice. Ice bags are great for your fighter in between rounds, it gets their body temperature down and relaxes them. I use a commercial ice bags with a screw on cap for this, but Ziplock baggies will work in a pinch.

You can’t take loose ice into the ring or cage. Not even in a bucket. There’s just too much of a chance for a spill. You can, however, put the ice in Ziplock Baggies and carry it in your bucket. This is where I keep my Endswell, so it’s nice and cold. Plus, now you have extra ice bags that you can put on your fighter’s shins or legs.

5.  A Cool Cornerman Wristband:
 This is the coolest thing I have ever bought for cornering fights. It keeps everything handy. You don’t have to bring your kit into the ring with you, just bring what you need. It will be out of the way, and you won’t be juggling your stuff as you work on the fighter. I bought it from Juan Ramirez’s website. It’s well work the investment.

There are many things you absolutely need to finish out your kit. Perhaps I’ll make a complete list as a blog someday, but these things are a must, must, must!

Till next time,

Instructor Miller #KRUNATION

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